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Ask Nurse Juhlzie is a made-for-broadcast television show built around building bridges between patients and the care that they have been desperately seeking.

From taking on the most elusive conditions to finding the most qualified professionals to weigh-in on the subject, Ask Nurse Juhlzie takes it all to the next level. 

If you, or someone you know, wish to be a part of the ANJ show, please scroll down and submit your story! One of our producers will be in touch with you shortly and we can discuss the opportunity and your options. 

Ask Nurse Juhlzie is 100% produced by the Integrative Providers Association (IPA) and +JuJu Productions. 

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Ask Nurse Juhlzie (ANJ) is a production of the Integrative Providers Association and +JuJu Productions that focuses on highlighting patients, patients’ journeys, their conditions and the barriers that they have faced finding relief or alleviation of any one or more conditions. ANJ is reality television created for broadcast television and the public eye because awareness and knowledge are power.

Executive Producers

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Julie Monteiro, RN, BSK

Nurse Julie Monteiro is not just an amazing nurse, she is also the show's namesake and has been actively serving as an educator and advocate for integrative healthcare for more than 25 years. Get to know Juhlzie today!

Gary Carnes
Gary Carnes

By far one of the most talented creators and connectors in existence, Gary Carnes is the absolute glue that keeps this starship soaring and Gary is also in charge of everything cool. If its ANJ production related, its Gary Carnes.

James Creel

James Creel is a multi-talented producer that provides a wide-range of professional and/or administrative services from show running and sourcing to set-up, strike and editing. In reality, if there is any question: Call James.

THE PATIENTS’ MOST Vocal Storytellers

From Left: Gary Carnes, Julie Monteiro, James Creel, Scott Jacobson, James Gerik, Dylan Rogers, taken at the IPAC2022NV ANJ film shoot.

Recognizing that most people think our healthcare systems are fine, and that most medical professionals think that it is on the verge of collapse, ANJ producers look for most obvious breakdowns in contrast with the unicorns and highlight the actual disparities that continue to impact patients and their providers so as to educate others to avoid all those barriers.

Knowledge is power and understanding the mechanics of any particular disease or condition is essential to identifying ways to combat a condition, so discovering, educating, uniting and empowering solutions is at the forefront of ANJ’s core mission.

From highlighting the challenges of obtaining a diagnosis to overcoming the challenges of finding qualified providers, the IPA takes education to the next level with Ask Nurse Juhlzie. 

To be a part of the show, please click here to submit your story. One of our producers will be in touch with you shortly.

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